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This algorithm reads the citation indices from the Google scholar profile for a given set of authors. It takes in a one column csv file containing a set of Google Citation user IDs as an input parameter. For each user ID, It queries the Google scholar for the citation indices and returns a csv file containing seven columns: citation user ID, number of citations, number of citations since 2007, h-index, h-index since 2007, i10-index, and i10-index since 2007.

Pros & Cons

This algorithm facilitates direct retrieval of citation indices for a given author through Google scholar site.


This algorithm can be used to get the citation indices associated with a set of researchers from the Google scholar site.

Implementation Details

The algorithm receives a csv file containing a list of Google Citation user IDs as the input parameter. Google scholar site is queried for each user ID to retrieve the citation indices for the particular user IDs and a csv file entry is created. Once all the user IDs are queried, the resulting csv file will be downloaded with the Google Citation user IDs and the associated citation indices.

Usage Hints

Listed are the steps for using the algorithm

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. The Google Citation User ID Search Algorithm must be run first, in order to obtain the Google Citation user ID
  3. Select "Citation User ID" as the input parameter and "|" as the delimiter
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