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CShell 2.0

What's new

  • Maven/Tycho build support
  • Support build in Eclipse workspace
  • Support JUnit Test framework
  • Updated Eclipse Equinox to 3.7
  • Built with Java 1.6
  • Support Mac OS X Cocoa frameworks platform
  • Web service support for CIShell plugins
  • Updated to Google Guava 11.0.1
  • Updated to Apache Common 3.0
  • Enhanced Logging service for debugging
  • Standardize equals / hash handling
  • Added Data wrapping utility library to clone existing Data
  • Added network utilities package


Hackathon 2012 @ Microscopes Workshop

Get familiar with CIShell

  1. CIShell Basics
  2. Setting Up the Development Environment
  3. Tutorial 1: Developing a Single Plugin
  4. Tutorial 2: Manipulate Tabular Data
  5. Tutorial 3: Practical Java Algorithm Development
  6. Tutorial 4: Integrating a Non-Java Program As An Algorithm
  7. Tutorial 5: Integrating 3rd-party libraries
  8. Supported Data Formats
  9. Existing CIShell Algorithms documentation

Extensive CIShell development

  1. Eclipse development setup for CIShell and Sci2
  2. Check out CIShell source and run Maven build
  3. Quick Start
  4. Using Maven with a Hello World Plugin for CIShell
Source Code Repositories


Sci2 Development

If you are interested with Sci2 algorithms, you should also use the following SVN repository. It contains the 181 algorithms from NWB, Sci2, and Epic tools.


Blog Posts

Future Direction for the Utilities Current Problems The current state of the utilities in CIShell has reached a point that it should be reworked.  Some of the problems we have identified with the current implementation include: Lots of outdated code that later versions of Java have fixed Lots of poorly coded and buggy methods Lots of code that doesn't have anything to do with CIShell,…



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