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The Convert to Generic Publication Algorithm is a plugin which takes as input a path to a .hmap properties file, then uses the header mapping in the file to standardize the headings in a table. The .hmap file contains key-value pairs, with the original headers as keys, and the headers they should be replaced with as values. The Algorithm then uses this mapping to iterate through the headers in a Sci2 table, replacing headers with their Sci2 Generic Publication equivalents.


This Algorithm can be used when a data type uses proprietary headers that are not supported by Sci2. A .hmap file can be easily created by the user, which will then be used replace any troublesome headers with those that Sci2 and other algorithms can interpret successfully.

Implementation Details

At the core of this algorithm's functionality is the .hmap file, which is a key-value mapping of headers and what they should be replaced with. The .hmap file is nothing more than a Java properties file, with key-value pairs on each line, and pairs separated by an equal sign. This properties file is read in to provide a mapping of old headers and what they should be replaced with. The algorithm then iterates through a table that has already been imported into Sci2 to replace the designated headers.

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