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  • Extract Authors by Year for Burst Detection
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Data Preparation > Database > ISI > Extract Authors By Year For Burst Detection


Extracts Authors by year for the purposes of burst detection. The result is a table that consists of the following columns:

  • Author: The author label is generated based on the author's full name, if supplied. If the author's full name was not supplied, the author label is then generated based on the author's abbreviated name as a second option and the author's e-mail address as a third option. If neither the author's full name, abbreviated name, nor e-mail address was supplied, a generic label is generated. The database primary key of the author PERSON is appended to label generated so multiple people with the same names are not treated as the same person in the burst detection.
  • Year: One of potentially several years the corresponding author authored works listed in the ISI dataset.
Usage Hints

Load an ISI file into the tool, then create a database from it using the ISI database loader.

It is strongly recommended that the database be cleaned before extracting the authors by year for burst detection.

For a quick analysis of a small dataset you may wish to merge together author entities with identical names. For a scientifically sound analysis of a larger dataset, you can find author entity merging suggestions (or manually set your own merging orders from scratch) and perform the merge.

Implementation Details

The specific query run by the tool can be found in the source code.

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