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Given a graph with a numeric attribute on its edges, sort the edges of the graph by the provided numeric attribute, and return the graph with only the top N edges.

  • Extract N top edges - Determines how many of the top edges we want to keep.
  • Ascending? - If Ascending is selected (which it is by default), we sort the edges such that the greater values are at the top. If ascending is not selected, we sort the edges such that the least values are on top. Essentially, if ascending is de-selected, we take the bottom N edges instead of the top N edges.
  • Numeric Attribute - Determines which numeric edge attribute is used to sort the edges. If no numeric attributes are present on the graph's edges, the algorithm cannot be run.

Can be used for a variety of purposes, for instance if one wanted to only keep the top 100 strongest friendships in a larger graph of people who were friends with each other.

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