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  • Setup SSH on Eclipse and Git
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  1. In Eclipse, go to Windows > Preferences > General > Network Connection > SSH2 > Key Management
  2. Select Generate RSA Kay... (You can also choose DSA Key. It is up for your own choice)

  3. Insert passphrase for connection verification or leave it blank. For this example, I use 12345678
  4. Select Save Private Key... (You can name anything you want.) 

  5. You can name it file as anything. I use "testing". Press Save and two files (testing and will be generated.
  6. Copy the public key into your clickboard as show in the following image.

  7. Now press Apply. It will be added to your Eclipse SSH2 private keys list.
  8. You will need to save the public key to your GitHub account. Login to your GitHub account through browser. Select Settings > SSH Keys > Add SSH key

  9. Paste the copied public key from clickboard into the key feild. Name the key title as you like. I named it CIShell SSH Key Testing
  10. Press Add key. and your are done with SSH key setup. Now you can clone your remote repository to local by using Eclipse.

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