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If you are using the m2eclipse Eclipse plugin with Subclipse handler, make sure to use the SVNKit (Pure Java) client, as documented here

  • The NWB repository contains the source code for Sci2, EPIC, NWB, and miscellaneous plugins
    • For internal CNS development with commit access, the repository may be accessed over SSH
      • svn+ssh://
    • For the general public, the repository may be accessed anonymously over HTTP
  • The CNS Internal repository contains projects that are not yet ready to be released to the public. It is only accessible via SSH by CNS developers
    • svn+ssh://
  • IVC repository (internal access)
    • svn+ssh://
  • Biblio repository (internal access)
    • svn+ssh://
  • There is also the CIShell SourceForge repo, which is deprecated and slated for removal
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