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  • Weak Component Clustering
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This algorithm extracts the n largest (by number of nodes) weakly connected components in the network. If n is given as zero, it extracts all weakly connected component. A weakly connected component is any set of nodes where every node with a path to any of the nodes in the component is also in the component, and no node is in the component that does not have a path to every other node in the component.

Pros & Cons

This is a simple algorithm, but it splits the network on an obvious and unambiguous boundary. Of course, often these boundaries do not exist.


Splitting up any network with weakly connected components for analysis and/or visualization.

Implementation Details

The JUNG weak component clustering algorithm is wrapped by this algorithm

Usage Hints

It is often useful to run this after an analysis that removes edges, such as high degree node deletion or pathfinder network scaling. This algorithm can help get a feel for the effect of the other algorithm, and create more easily visualizable chunks from larger networks.

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