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Clinical Trials

Number of records: 288,280 (23,432,831 db inserts)
Years covered: 1900-10/26/2018

Description is a central registration site for clinical trials operated by the National Institutes of Health that has been available to the public since 2000. It was established by law in 1997 as a resource for patients, their family, health care professionals and researchers, to provide easy access to information on clinical studies. Both publicly and privately funded trials are represented.


The full set of Clinical Trials data was downloaded directly from's search interface (link) in an XML format in January 2012.

Data Fields

The Clinical Trials data dictionary.


The SDB Clinical Trial data was downloaded in full in January 2012. The number of records found might differ from searching the online ClinicalTrials site, since is updated regularly. See schedule of SDB releases for upcoming data updates.

110 pre-1980 trials not represented above.


This data set description was compiled by Robert Light and Katy Börner.



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