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This page under construction for future release

Release v0.7

Four databases: MEDLINE, US Patents, and NIH and NSF funding awards are current through 2010. Release notes are here.

Release v0.8

The following features have been added:

  • Clinical Trials data from has been added
  • Information on grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities has been added
  • NIH data has been updated to be current through Summer 2012.
  • The NIH data download options have been expanded to include:
    • Related Patents
    • Related Publications
    • Financial Data (where available)
Release notes are available here.

Release v0.9

Will add the following data and features:

  • Update MEDLINE, NSF, USPTO databases based on 2012 data.

Release v1.0

Will provide monthly update for MEDLINE, US Patent and NIH databases.

Release v1.1

<wrote an email to NLM about author IDs. This was announced as coming in 2010, but there hasn't been much said about it since>

Will use NLM author IDs in MEDLINE database as soon as NLM release these author IDs.

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