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  • 5.1.4 Studying Four Major NetSci Researchers (ISI Data)

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Load the file using 'File > Load' and following this path: 'yoursci2directory/sampledata/scientometrics/isi/FourNetSciResearchers.isi' (if the file is not in the sample data directory it can be downloaded from 2.5 Sample Datasets).  A table of all records and a table of 361 records with unique ISI ids will appear in the Data Manager. In this "clean" file, each original record now has a "Cite Me As" attribute that is constructed from the first author, publication year (PY), journal abbreviation (J9), volume (VL), and beginning page (BP) fields of its ISI record. This "Cite Me As" attribute will be used when matching paper and reference records.