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  1. Download these files that contain additional plugins to add Database, Balloon Graph, Cytoscape, Congressional District Geocoder, and New ISI File Format plugins to Sci2:
  2. You will have to extract these files before you copy them into plugins directory in the Sci2 folder
  3. Open the Sci2 folder and go to the plugins directory:

  4. Copy the plugin files themselves (not the folders that contain them) into the directory /plugins of Sci2 directory:

  5. Download the file default_menu.xml by right-clicking and saving the link as an XML file. Then copy this file into the directory configuration/ under Sci2 directory, replacing the older version of this file. This file specifies where each plugin added will be located at the menu. Note, this step only applies if you have downloaded the database plugins for Sci2 v0.5.2 alpha or older.
  6. The next time the Sci2 Tool is loaded after this modifications, these additional plugins will appear as new menu items.