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  • 5.1.1 Mapping Collaboration, Publication, and Funding Profiles of One Researcher (EndNote and NSF Data)

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titleAggregate Function File

Make sure to use the aggregate function file indicated in the image below. Aggregate function files can be found in sci2/sampledata/scientometrics/properties.

titleAbout NSF text delimiters:
If you are using a current format (2014 or later) NSF dataset, use a comma in the Text Delimiter field for all algorithms that ask for it, instead of the pipe used in the older format NSF files.

Select the "Extracted Network on Column All Investigators" network and run 'Analysis > Networks > Network Analysis Toolkit (NAT)' to reveal that there are 13 nodes and 28 edges without isolates in the network. Click on "Extracted Network on Column All Investigators" and select 'Visualization > Networks > GUESS' to visualize the resulting Co-PI network. Select 'GEM' from the layout menu.