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  • 4.6 Sci2 Release Notes v1.2 beta

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  • Blondel Community Detection: No longer adds a duplicate community set to its final iteration; Parameter added to determine label field - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1175
  • Lowercase, Tokenize, Stem, and Stopword Text plugin: Stopword list path corrected for MacOS - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1176
  • MacOS X JVM: Sci2 now runs on latest Oracle Java Runtimes for Java 6, 7, and 8 for MacOS - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1206
  • NWB file parser: Dead documentation links corrected for import errors - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1191
  • NSF CSV parser: Fixed to use correct JVM date parser - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1182
  • Burst Detection plugin:
    • Fixed to use correct JVM date parser - JIRA Issues: SCISQUARED-1205, 1109
    • Added more flexible date reader and user guidance - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1272
  • GUESS plugin: Re-included in MacOS builds