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Many researchers, tools, and online services use EndNote to organize their bibliographies. To analyze an individual researcher's collaboration and publication profile, load an EndNote file which includes the researcher's entire CV into the Sci2 Tool. To generate a research profile for Katy Börner, load Katy Börner's EndNote CV at 'yoursci2directory/sampledata/scientometrics/endnote/KatyBorner.enw' and run 'Data Preparation > Text Files >Extract Co-Author Network' using the parameter:

After generating Dr. Börner's co-authorship network, run 'Analysis > Networks > Unweighted & Undirected > Node Degree' to append degree information to each node. To visualize the network, run 'Visualization > Networks > GUESS' and select 'GEM' in the Layout menu once the graph is fully loaded.. The resulting network in Figure 5.1 was modified using the following workflow: