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A: Recent updates to Apple's Mac OS X Mavericks have included security that prevent Sci2 from running on a machine if the program is not available from the Mac App store or an identified developer. To get Sci2 to run on your machine, you will have to change the system preferences. Instructions about how to update the Mac OS X's Gatekeeper are available at the Apple website (

Q: I am having trouble installing and running Sci2 on a Mac OS X Sierra. What should I do?

A: Sci2 users trying to install the tool on Mac OS X Sierra. To run Sci2, you will first want to install the legacy edition of Java 6 for OS X 2015-001 ( After installation of the appropriate version of Java, report difficulty locating the shared companion library of plugins. To correct this problem, you will need to modify the Sci2.ini file


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Sci2 Locale Issues

Q: I am having trouble loading data into Sci2 and having trouble converting PostScript files to PDF files.