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  • 5.1.4 Studying Four Major NetSci Researchers (ISI Data)

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Load the file using 'File > Load' and following this path: 'yoursci2directory/sampledata/scientometrics/isi/FourNetSciResearchers.isi'.  A table of all records and a table of 361 records with unique ISI ids will appear in the Data Manager. In this "clean" file, each original record now has a "Cite Me As" attribute that is constructed from the first author, publication year (PY), journal abbreviation (J9), volume (VL), and beginning page (BP) fields of its ISI record. This "Cite Me As" attribute will be used when matching paper and reference records.

New ISI File Format

Web of Science made a change to their output format in September, 2011. Older versions of Sci2 tool may refuse to load these new files, with an error like "Invalid ISI format file selected."

Sci2 solution

If you are using older Sci2 tool, you can download the ^ file and unzip the JAR files into your sci2/plugins/ directory. Restart Sci2 to activate the fixes. You can now load the downloaded ISI files into the Sci2 without any additional step. If you are using the old Sci2 tool you will need to follow the guidelines below before you can load the new WOS format file into the tool.

You can fix this problem for individual files by opening them in Notepad (or your favorite text editor). The file will start with the words:

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Just add the word ISI:

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And then Save the file. Now it should load.

To extract the paper citation network, select the '361 Unique ISI Records' table and run 'Data Preparation > Extract Directed Network' using the parameters :