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  • Using Maven with a Hello World Plugin for CIShell

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  1. Wiki Markup
    Install Maven on the parent \[CIShell master\] \-----\- Right click on "CIShell master" \-> Select Run As \-> Maven install
  2. Create a Hello World Plugin as guided by this document
  3. Convert the "Hello World"project created into a Maven project ------ Right Click on "Hello World" -> Configure -> Convert to Maven project
  4. Ensure that the Artifact Id (pom.xml -> Overview) and the Bundle-SymbolicName(META-INF -> MANIFEST.MF -> MANIFEST.MF) are the same.
  5. Ensure that the Version (pom.xml -> Overview) and the Bundle-Version(META-INF -> MANIFEST.MF -> MANIFEST.MF) are the same.
  6. pom.xml -> Overview -> Packaging-> Select "eclipse:plugin"
  7. -> Change the output directory to target/classes (output.. = target/classes)