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  • 5.2.6 Mapping the Field of RNAi Research (SDB Data)

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The data for this analysis comes from a search of the Scholarly Database (SDB) ( for "RNAi" in "All Text" from Medline, NSF, NIH and USPTO. A copy of this data is available in 'yoursci2directory/sampledata/scientometrics/sdb/RNAi' (if the file is not in the sample data directory it can be downloaded from 2.5 Sample Datasets). The default export format is .csv, which can be loaded directly into the Sci2 Sci2 Tool.

Figure 5.33: Downloading and saving RNAi data from the Scholarly Database.


View the file "Burst detection analysis (date_cr_year, abstract): maximum burst level 1." There are more words than can easily be viewed with the horizontal bar graph, so sort the list by "Strength" and prune all but the strongest 10 words. In other words save the file from the data manager and sort the file by the weight column. Delete all but the top 10 rows. Save the file as a new .csv and load it into the Sci2 Sci2 Tool as a standard csv file.
Select the new table in the data manager and visualize it using 'Visualize > Temporal > Horizontal Bar Graph (not included version)Temporal Bar Graph' with the following parameters: