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  • 4.2 Data Acquisition and Preparation

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Elsevier's Scopus, like ISI Web of Science, has an extensive catalog of citations and abstracts from journals and conferences. Subscribers to Scopus can access the service via Scopus provides a multiple methods to search and analyze citations and abstracts: by document, authors, institutional affiliations, and advanced Boolean search.

To find all articles whose abstract, title, or keywords include the terms 'Watts Strogatz Clustering Coefficient', simply enter those terms in the Article/Abstract/Keywords field. ThirtyForty-nine results were found as of February 3April 29, 20142016. You can download the references (up to 2,000 full records, and 20,000 "Citations Only" in a CSV file) by checking the 'Select All' box and clicking on the down arrow next to 'RIS Export' and choosing the file type you wish to export the references as. Image RemovedYou can export in RIS Format (this is for EndNote, or other Reference Managers), CSV as mentioned earlier, BibTeX, or as a .txt file. Once you have chosen the desired format, click on the 'Export' button on the bottom right of the drop down menu.

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Figure 4.2i: Scopus search interface and Scopus search results