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  • Node (Author)
    • Number of documents authored in your dataset.
    • Total number of times cited. Note that this according to per-document citations in the global dataset as recorded by ISI and not according to citations contained only within your dataset.
    • Publication year of the earliest document.
    • Publication year of the most recent document.
  • Edge (Co-Authorship)
    • The number of works co-authored by the two connected authors.
      • This figure is also given with three common normalizations: Jaccard, cosine, and Dice.
    • Publication year of the earliest collaboration.
    • Publication year of the most recent collaboration.


Load an ISI file into the tool, then create a database from it using the ISI database loader.

For a quick analysis of a small dataset you may wish to merge together author entities with identical names. For a scientifically sound analysis of a larger dataset, you can find author entity merging suggestions (or manually set your own merging orders from scratch) and perform the merge.