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Implementation Details
Workflow implementation mainly consists with 2 distinct modules. workflow bundle and algorithm bundlealgorithms.

  • Work flow bundle - This bundle consists with 3 classes
    • Activator -
      workflow bundle inherits the OSGI bundle, hence it includes an activator class that implements the start method of OSGI budle.
      The start method instanciates the workflowlistener class as well as workflow class.


    • workflowListener
      Workflow listener class inherits the existing scheduler listener class. Hence it includes all the algorithm related events.
      Once an 'AlgorithmFinished' event is invoked the listener class reads the algorithm information and saves it in a list.
      The information in this list is later output as a workflow xml file.
  • Algorithm BundleAlgorithms
    This includes the algorithms that start, stop and play the workflow. Once the workflow record is clicked the startworkflow algorithm will set the isRecord flag to true in workflow module and on stop it'll be set to false
    Play Algorithm will get the workflow related xml file from the user and invokes each algorithm.


  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Select 'Workflow' -> 'Start Record' from the menu bar.
  3. Invoke the algorithms that needs to be recorded as a workflow.
  4. Select 'Workflow' -> 'Stop Record' from the menu bar.
  5. Save the workflow xml.
  6. Select 'File' ->'Load' from the menu bar.
  7. Select the xml file containing workflow information.
  8. Select 'Workflow' -> 'Play workflow' from the menu bar.

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