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Send a Table to R



This algorithm imports a CSV into a running R instance.

The table name is specified as a parameter option to the algorithm.

Menu Path

R -> Send Table to R


There is no output other than a message in the console indicating the table name was successfully imported into R.

Usage Hints

Create an R instance using Create an R Instance.  You can then select a csv file and the R instance in the data manager (in Windows, hold the ctrl key as you click with the mouse) and activate this algorithm from the menu.  Use Run Rgui to open the RGui instance.  The table will have been imported as the table name specified when the algorithm was run.


The RGui must be closed and reopened before table names imported using Send a Table to R will be available in R.


The name chosen must be a valid R variable name.

To send several tables to R, repeat the process individually for each of the tables you wish to export.

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