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  • 4.4 Sci2 Release Notes v1.0 alpha

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  • Support overflow and underflow check for aggregate functions
  • Unified output attribute names for network algorithms
  • Unified visualization parameters and console print out
  • Standardized visualization Postscript layout with How to Read text, legends and title
  • Reposition map for Geographical Network Algorithm
  • Improved Error message handling for Geographical Network algorithm
  • Updated online tutorial to explain Author Ages issue
  • Updated online tutorial regarding ISI total time cited default -1 value
  • Improved bipartite network edges drawing
  • Improved bipartite sorting for numerical numbers that are string type
  • Updated developer list
  • Improved bipartite sorting for numerical numbers that are string type
  • Updated new color schema for all visualizations to follow color blind standard
  • Updated UCSD map of science with 10 years of ISI and Scopus journal mapping, discipline colors, and added unclassified journal listing. 
  • Added download utility to standardize network handling for algorithms that use internet service
  • Moved R working directory into system temporary directory
  • Updated FreeHEP (a Java2D object to PostScript conversion library) to 2.1.1
  • Updated Geolibs (an open source Java GIS toolkit) to 2.7.4
  • Updated Menu items
    • Update menu item order and structure
    • Rename Circle Geographical Map to Proportional Symbol Map
    • Rename Region Geographical Map to Choropleth Map
    • Rename Yahoo Geocoder name to Yahoo! Geocoder
    • Rename K-Nearest Neighbor (java) to K-Nearest Neighbor