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A: Unfortunately the U.S. map and the world map are currently the only maps we have available.  However, if you would like to submit a feature request it can be done by visiting the Sci2 development page.


Saving and Visualizing Networks

Q: GUESS is taking a very long time to visualize my network. Is there any way to speed up this process? 

 A: Unfortunately GUESS only uses one core in the CPU instead of multiple and this means visualizing large networks can take some time. Since GUESS is a third party visualization tool supported by Sci2 we don’t have control over how many cores are used in processing. However, the latest release, Sci2 v1.0 alpha, supports Gephi ( a visualization tool that handles large networks well. For more information see our documentation on Gephi.


Q: I saved my visualization as a Postscript file, but I am having trouble converting the Postscript file to a PDF so it can be viewed. 

A: Converting Postscript files can be tricky. If you have a version of the Adobe suite (or the Pro version of Adobe Acrobat) installed on your machine, the converter will come pre-installed. However, there are also some free options available for postscript conversion: Ghostscript and GSviewer. Ghostscript is a PostScript interpreter, and GSview is a graphical interface for Ghostscript; you can download both from Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview. Both are freeware. The GSview/Ghostscript combination is capable of  opening PostScript level two files, which are the type generated by Sci2. See the following web page for a useful tutorial on how to install Ghostscript:

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