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Once you have registered for Sci2 you will be sent a confirmation email (it may take a few minutes). If you do not see the email, check the junk folder in your email, as sometimes the registration emails will get in the spam filter. Once you have received the registration email and created your password, you will be able to download the tool by selecting the operating system that matches your machine:

Figure 2.1: Downloading the Sci2 ToolImage Added

The Sci2 tool and its associated files will be zipped up in a file. It is best to save this zipped folder and move it to the desktop before unzipping it. Do not try to unzip the folder in the program files directory, where the tool might not have permission to run. Sci2 will work fine if it is saved to the desktop.

Save the zip file in a new empty yoursci2directory on you desktop and extract all files. After the files have been extracted, double click the S2 sci2 icon (sci2.exe) in yoursci2directory directory to run the program. Image Removed
Figure 2.2: Click the 'sci2' icon to run the Sci2 Tool

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To uninstall the Sci2 Tool, simply delete yoursci2directory. This will delete all sub-directories as well, so make sure to backup all files you want to save.