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  1. After typing a ":" you will need to hit "enter" and "tab" to start the new line, followed by another "enter" to execute the command. This is most common in the following scenario:

    Code Block
    >for n in g.nodes:
         n.strokecolor = n.color
  2. When you type an command in the interpreter you do not need to type ">" to begin, simply begin with the text of your command. To learn more about how to manipulate network visualizations see our documentation on GUESS.

Q: I load the network into GUESS but no node is showed or the network is loaded without Graph Modifier panel.

 A: There are some attribute names are reserved in GUESS. The same attribute name in the data could cause conflict in GUESS. Rename the following attribute names in your data if exist. Then save the data and reload into Sci2. 

  • count
  • size
  • type

The following show sample data issues in NWB file format. Simply rename the attribute to size_d, type_d, count_d would solve the problem. See our documentation on GUESS to learn more about GUESS.

Code Block
id*int label*string size*float type*string count*int
1	"Amber" 4.0 "ellipse" 4
2	"Azizha" 4.0 "ellipse" 5
3	"Brend" 4.0 "ellipse" 6


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