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  • 3.1 Sci2 Algorithms and Tools

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  • Networks

    • Random Graph – Generates a graph with a fixed number of nodes connected randomly by undirected edges.
    • Watts-Strogatz Small World – Generates a graph whose majority of nodes are not directly connected to one another, but are still connected to one another via relatively few edges.
    • Barabási-Albert Scale-Free – Generates a scale-free network by incorporating growth and preferential attachment.
    • TARL (Topics, Aging and Recursive Linking) – Incorporates "aging" to generate bipartite coevolving networks of authors and papers. Can also be applied to other datasets with different aging distribution.


  • Create an R Instance - This algorithm creates an R instance that is usable from the CIShell environment.
  • Run Rgui - This algorithm opens the RGui for an already created R instance.
  • Send a Table to R - This algorithm imports a CSV into a running R instance.
  • Get a Table from R - This algorithm exports a CSV from a running R instance back onto the Data Manager.