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  • 4.7 Geospatial Analysis (Where)

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3. You may be sent to a page that looks like this:



You will either need to sign in with an existing Microsoft account, or choose the bottom link that says “Sign up now” to create an account. If you have an account, simply sign in and skip to step six. If you do not, then click the “Sign up now” link and continue from here.

4. After clicking the “Sign up now” link you should see the following page:


Fill this out and click “Create Account” when you are finished.

5. You will now need to verify the new account. Microsoft should have sent an email to the address you used to create your new account. Find this email and simply click on the blue bar that says “Verify” this should bring you to a page that looks like this:


Click “OK” and it should bring you back to the original page:

Then just follow the steps from step one. The only difference being that in step three you will sign in with your new account and skip to step six.

6. If you already have a Microsoft Account, then use this to sign in by clicking the Yes link. If you do not, then click on the Sign in with another account link.