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  • 4.7 Geospatial Analysis (Where)

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1. When you open Gephi select "Open a graph file..." from under the " New Project" heading. project heading in the popup window. If you inadvertently closed the popup window, then simply go to "File" and select "Open." Find the folder where you save saved the network file and load the .graphml version of the network file. The "Important Import Report" pop-up will display, informing you that they the network will be loaded as an undirected network. Click OK.


8. Next you will want to resize the nodes and decrease the edge weight to make the network more visible in the resulting visualization. You can change the size by right-clicking on the size button in the lower left-hand side going to "Window" and selecting "Appearance." A workspace window should appear to the left of the "Graph" screen :Image Removedlabeled "Appearance." Make sure the "Nodes" tab is selected and the "Unique" tab under that. Then select the icon that looks like three circles, each a little bigger than the other, this is the sizing tool. Then adjust the node size to 2 as shown here:

Image Added

9. Decrease the Edge weight using the slider bar at the bottom of the 'Graph' screen: