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This algorithm makes a best-effort attempt to merge (that is, identify) journal entities.


Menu path


Data Preparation > Database > ISI > Merge Document SourcesThis algorithm does not exist on the menu, but rather is run automatically when the ISI database is loaded into the tool.

  • A database where the identified identical journals have been merged.
  • The merging table used to merge the identical journals . This can be used to rerun the merge manually, likely to correct for errors, with Merge Entities.
  • A Merge Report as a text file. It will give a simple description all the journals who were merged, identified by their value for the TWENTY_NINE_CHARACTER_SOURCE_TITLE_ABBREVIATION and FULL_TITLE columns.


For even greater merging power, consider using this algorithm in conjunction with manual journal merging. Just create a journal merging table for your database and apply it.

Implementation Details

The merging is performed as indicated in Merge Entities.  This algorithm uses the authoritative journal merging list (AJML).  It will first normalize the FULL_TITLE column from the Sources Table table.  If the AJML contains this normalized value, all journals with the AJML's matching value will be merged together.  If the normalized FULL_TITLE column is not found in the AJML, the TWENTY_NINE_CHARACTER_SOURCE_TITLE_ABBREVIATION column from the Sources Table table will be normalize.   If the AJML contains this normalized value, all journals with the AJML's matching value will be merged together; if it does not contain the normalized value, then the normalized value for the TWENTY_NINE_CHARACTER_SOURCE_TITLE_ABBREVIATION column will be used and all entries with the same value will be merged. In the case that an entry does not contain a value for the TWENTY_NINE_CHARACTER_SOURCE_TITLE_ABBREVIATION column, a random, unique value will be used for the merging.

  1. Normalize
    1. For this article, "normalize" means to convert the value of the column to lower case and remove all leading and trailing spaces.
  2. Authoritative Journal Merging List (AJML)
    1. A mapping from an Authoritative Journal Name to other common names for the journal.  It can be found in the Sci2 tool's configuration folder as JournalGroups.txt.
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