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This tool is integrated into Network Workbench as of version 0.9.0.

Warning: The following attribute names are not allowed to be used in the data since this attributes are native to GUESS.

  • count
  • size
  • type


This tool is perfect for most tasks involving visualizing and exploring networks. It is not well suited for large networks however (>20,000 nodes). Some attribute is reserved for GUESS. it is not allow to be used. See the above warning for more information.


Network Layout
Network Visualization
Network Exploration

CNS-Specific GUESS Enhancements

Children Display

Implementation Details

Implemented in Java, has a console that allows end-users to script in Jython.


GUESS is a database driven system that allows nodes and edges to include attributes beyond basic display features (we support continuous, categorical, and binary attributes). The Gython language gives you access to these properties without typing in database queries, For example:

Code Block

* Color all people in the HR department blue:
      (dept == 'HR').color = blue
* Find all communication edges between HR and Finance and color them red:
      ((dept == 'HR')-(dept == 'finance')).color = red
* Or hide all edges corresponding to two-hybrid protein interactions:
      (interaction == 'two-hybrid').visible = false
* Change the width of all edges with a load > 3:
      (load > 3).width = 4


  • This is an awesome tool for visualizing and exploring network data, well worth the time to learn! -bh2
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