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  • 5.2.5 Burst Detection in Physics and Complex Networks (ISI Data)

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Save the PostScript file to your desktop, and if you have a version of the Adobe Creative Suite on your machine you can simply double-click the PostScript file to launch Adobe Distiller and automatically convert the PostScript file into a PDF for viewing. However, if you do not have a copy of the Adobe Creative Suite installed on your machine, you can use an online version of GhostScript to convert PostScript files to PDF files: The resulting visualization should look similar to the following:


Remember that the weight for the bars is equal to the total area, not simply the thickness. So, having the color categories will help users make more sense of the visualization. You notice that this burst analysis for Alessandro's Vesipignani's publications looks similar to the one created in the previous section. However, this new bust analysis takes into consideration his more recent publications and interests in human mobility networks and epidemiology. This workflow can easily be repeated using any author who has a profile in Google Scholar. Give it a try for yourself! Visualizing Burst Detection in Excel