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If you're installation of Java is located in another directory on your system, you'll need to replace the path to javaw.exe with the one you find on your system. Save the file in the Sci2 installation and you should be able to start the tool.

Sci2 Locale Issues

Q: I am having trouble loading data into Sci2 and having trouble converting PostScript files to PDF files.

A: If you are outside of the United States, problems loading data, saving files from the data manager, and converting files types might due to locale issues. If you are working on a Windows machine and you want to change the locale, go to the Start Menu and then select Control Panel and then select Region and Language, then change the format to English (United States):

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If you are working on a Mac, open System Preferences and choose Language and Text. Then go to the Formats tab and set the Region to the United States.

Loading Data

Q: I am having trouble loading an ISI file that I downloaded from Web of Science. What should I do?


Now you are ready to load the file into Sci2. Make sure to load the file as an "ISI flat format" file. If you are having trouble loading the ISI file, see the previous question in this section. For ISI data, Sci2 should automatically detect and remove duplicate records. However, you still may need to check over the data, as Web of Science data can sometimes be inconsistent.

Q: The data I am working with is really messy. How much of the data cleaning can I do in Sci2?

A: It depends on the data format, but there are some options for tidying up your data under the Preprocessing menu in Sci2. If you are working with a large dataset in CSV format, you may need to do a lot of the data cleaning prior to loading the file into Sci2. You can do a lot of this data cleaning in Excel or with Google Refine, an extremely useful program for cleaning data.

Network Extraction

Q: How are networks extracted from my data?