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  1. Bing Gecoder is favored by MVCs (Model-View-Controller)
  2. View
    BingGeocoderFactory is extending AbstractGeocoderFactory. It defines all the display options and user input wrapping.. The detail of the implementation can be accessed through here.
  3. Controller
    GeocoderAlgorithm is the shared geocoder controller which is documented with AbstarctGeocoderFactoryAbstractGeocoderFactory. It invoked invokes BingFamilyOfGeocoder's methods to retrieve the geocoder based on the selected type and performs the geocoding operation.
    BingFamilyOfGeocoder contains four geocoders: BingCountryCoderBingStateCoderBingZipCodeCoderBingAddressCoder. Each coder will only be created when it is invoked
    Geocoder contains the geocodingFullForm and geocodingAbbreviation methods which will invoked PlaceFinderClient to request Bing geocoding service.
    PlaceFinderClient will performs the service query to Bing Geocoder. Every request has three times retry for network failure. The result will be returned as Response which is defined in the model
  4. Model
    - The model classes were generated by using placeFinder.xsd and located in
    - The JAXB technology is chosen as the un-marshaller since Bing PlaceFinder has a simple and standard service response definition. JAXP is more suitable for complicated data model which provides more control in data preprocessing.
  5. Dependency: javax.xml.*