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This algorithm reads a list of Flickr user User IDs from a file and attempts to gather the image URLs of every image those users uploaded. 


This plugin could be useful for analyzing visual similarity, themes, etc. But the majority of the heavy lifting is left to the user.

Usage Hints

Here is a 7 steps step guide for using the plugin:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Load an input data table that contains the user information. 
  3. Select File > Flickr Reader from the menu.
  4. Select the column of your CSV that containts the Flickr users' User IDs. 
  5. Insert a custom API key or use the provided key.
  6. Run the algorithm!

Each image URL will be listed out by each Flickr user in the order that the image was created. The algorithm stops when the query can return no more results, or your application has exhausted it's rate limit.

Note on User IDs

In order for the Flickr Reader Algorithm to work, User IDs must be provided in the CSV file, as opposed to Usernames. A Username usually reads like a normal human name (ex: jonmsmith), whereas a User ID is typically just a unique machine-readable code made up mostly of numbers (ex: 56721980@N05). To look up a User ID from a given Username, you can use one of several services online, such as idGettr.