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Q: I load the network into GUESS but no node is shown or the network is loaded without Graph Modifier panel.

 A: There are some attribute names are reserved in GUESS. The same attribute name in the data could cause conflict in GUESS. Rename the following attribute names in your data if exist. Then save the data and reload into Sci2. 

  • count
  • size
  • type

The following show sample data issues in NWB file format. Simply rename the attribute to size_d, type_d, count_d would solve the problem. See our documentation on GUESS to learn more about GUESS.

Code Block
id*int label*string size*float type*string count*int
1	"Amber" 4.0 "ellipse" 4
2	"Azizha" 4.0 "ellipse" 5
3	"Brend" 4.0 "ellipse" 6


Third-Party Plugins

& Usage Policies

and Licenses

Q: What are the third-party plugins used by Sci2 and what are their terms of use?

A: Sci2 has been released under the Apache 2.0 license. Licenses for the various components used by Sci2 can be found under the "licenses" folder in your Sci2 installation directory.

The Sci2 v1.0 build released as of September 2013 will include additional third-party plugins :

  • Google Scholar Citation Reader
  • Bing Geocoder
  • Flickr Reader
  • Facebook
  • Twitter Reader

Each plugin as it's own data usage policy as dictated by it's license and terms of use:

  • Facebook plugin only allows users download their own data. For more information, see
  • Twitter Reader plugin allows users to download the tweets of any twitter user, however the user and the application have to first be registered and authenticated by the API before performing any queries. For more information please see:
  • Google Scholar Citation Reader will fetch data indexed by the Google Scholar search engine. For data usage policies please review the Google license.
  • Bing Geocoder plugin will require an authentication key (Basic Key or Enterprise Key). The usage policy depends on the type of key. For more information, see
  • Flickr Reader plugin downloads image URLs through REST service with API key without authentication. For more information, see

Q: Does Sci2 perform any encryption or utilize any encryption processes?

A : Sci2 by itself does not perform or use encryption, however plugins such as the Facebook plugin and the Twitter Reader plugin use encryption for user authentication and data downloads.


Q: Does Sci2 have ECCN?

 A : No, Sci2 does not have a ECCN


Don't see what you are looking for in Sci2?

Development services can be performed by our team. You can submit a feature request at the Sci2 by visiting the Sci2 web site: Also, development services can be performed for a fee, prices vary according to the scope of work. Previous paid development/services performed by our center have included evaluation and monitoring, data compilation, visual interfaces for community data, VIVO researcher networking, and consulting/training services. To get an estimate for your project contact our center: