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  • 2013 Plug-and-Play Macroscope Workshop

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Workshop Home Page

http: Laptop / Notebook is require for this workshop. Please bring a laptop / Notebook that can //

Workshop notes

2013-11-06 Workshop Notes

CIShell introduction Slides



The workshop will have a hackathon section where participants will form their own team. Each team will create a new CIShell / Sci2 plugin, such as the Average plugin, Text Normalizer plugin, Burst Detection plugin, or Community Detection plugin. You can choose to wrap an existing Java algorithm as a CIShell / Sci2 plugin. It is always good to think ahead for a suitable Java plugin.

Important: The workshop will require a laptop or notebook that can be used for development.

These are the tools needed. Download and unzip the tools before attend attending the workshop.

Useful links.: