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Now, you can save and rerun existing workflow, even share the workflow with others. The v1.1 Beta release come with workflow tracker, Bing geocoder, large network clustering algorithms, Facebook Friends Reader, Twitter Reader, and etc. It also included major improvement such as standardize CSV parser behavior with MS Excel. 


The database plugin at 3.2 Additional Plugins is not compatible with this version. A new database plugin will be available soon. Please follow us at


Download an offline copy of Sci2 v1.1 alpha beta manual (44 57 MB)  (Updated December 54, 2013) 

Tool Change Log

New Features


  • Standardized Sci2 CSV parser to match MS Excel and MySQL behavior
  • Removed eclipse.exe and artifacts.xml files
  • Removed Google Citation bibtex plugin since it is blocked by Google 
  • Updated welcome text with new Information and library Science Department name and new developers
  • Support Extract Paper Citation Network for Scopus data
  • Using https for Google Map API URL
  • Support semicolon input for parameter field
  • Improve logging behavior on OSGI console and Sci2 log panel