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A: It depends on the data format, but there are some options for tidying up your data under the Preprocessing menu in Sci2. If you are working with a large dataset in CSV format, you may need to do a lot of the data cleaning prior to loading the file into Sci2. You can do a lot of this data cleaning in Excel or with Google Refine, an extremely useful program for cleaning data.

Q: The ISI data I downloaded was not formatted in the same way as those used in your workflows?

Web of Science provides researchers with two ways to gather citation data: Citation Lists are detailed article records that may be generated through the search interface or the marked list tool in; Citation Reports simplified citation information and a citation statistics for the articles selected by a user that can be exported into tabular formats. Citation List text files are the format used in our network analysis workflows; in particular, this format can be acquired with cited reference lists that are important creating citation networks and document co-occurrence networks. These types of records can be loaded into a Sci2 directly and they are reformatted by the Sci2 program into CSV files for further analysis. Instructions on how to download Web of Science Citation List records in this format can be found in the Data Acquisition portion of the manual.

Network Extraction

Q: How are networks extracted from my data?