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If you are working on a Mac, open System Preferences and choose Language and Text. Then go to the Formats tab and set the Region to the United States.

Loading Data

General Data Loading:

Q: Does it matter that my data file has the same file format extension used in Sci2 documentation or may I just use the .txt and .csv extensions?

Sci2 documentation often references data formats through the use of file extensions (.isi, .nwb, .mat, .enw), which indicate the type of data being loaded into Sci2 for parsing. Yet often data are exported by other tools and and databases as files with the file extension .txt, which can indicate one of two possibilities: that the data are formatted as a tab separated columns; or that the data is for written in a machine readable format. For data saved as a Tab Separated format, you will need to convert these tables into CSV formats before you load these files into Sci2.

However, if the data is written in a Machine readable format, such as Web of Science (.isi) files and Endnote Export format file (.enw), Sci2 will parse data loaded with the .txt extension, provided that you know the correct data formatting used in the file. For example, when you export data from EndNote Web or Endnote desktop as the Endnote Export format, files are given the .txt extension. You may maintain this extension or change it to .enw. Changing the extension allows Sci2 to automatically read in the data without selecting the data format parameter. Whereas, by keeping the .txt file extension, you will have to select the parameter “Refer Scholarly format” when loading the data into Sci2.

ISI Format Loading questions:

Q: I am having trouble loading an ISI file that I downloaded from Web of Science. What should I do?