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Version 1.2 of Sci2 provides a range of bug fixes to existing plugins, a 64-bit Windows build, and new JSON plugins.

This version will remain a beta release until we've resolved a few more lingering issues.

Tool Change Log

New Features

  • 64-bit Windows build - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1216
  • Ability to read and write JSON files under the CIShell JSON spec - This produces output ready to be visualized using CNS's web visualization framework. This is primarily useful for the upcoming release of the CIShell web service, but desktop export can allow static files to be hosted and sanity checks on data and structures.


  • Blondel Community Detection: No longer adds a duplicate community set to its final iteration; Parameter added to determine label field - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1175
  • Lowercase, Tokenize, Stem, and Stopword Text plugin: Stopword list path corrected for MacOS - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1176
  • MacOS X JVM: Sci2 now runs on latest Oracle Java Runtimes for Java 6, 7, and 8 for MacOS - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1206
  • NWB file parser: Dead documentation links corrected for import errors - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1191
  • NSF CSV parser: Fixed to use correct JVM date parser - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1182
  • Burst Detection plugin:
    • Fixed to use correct JVM date parser - JIRA Issues: SCISQUARED-1205, 1109
    • Added more flexible date reader and user guidance - JIRA Issue: SCISQUARED-1272
  • GUESS plugin: Re-included in MacOS builds