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  • 4.2 Data Acquisition and Preparation

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To retrieve all projects funded under the Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) program, simply select the 'Program InformationAdvanced Searcg' tab, do an 'Element Code Lookup', enter '7626' into the 'Element Code' field which is under the 'Program Information' section, and click the 'Search' button. On Sept 21stApril 23, 20082016, exactly 50 124 awards were found. Award records can be downloaded in csv, Excel, XML, or XML .txt format. Save file in csv format, and change the file extension from .csv to .nsf. A sample .nsf file is available in 'yoursci2directory /sampledata/scientometrics/nsf/BethPlale.nsf'. In the Sci2 Tool, load the file using 'File > Load File'. Select "NSF csv format" in the "Load" pop-up window. A table with all records will appear in the Data Manager. View the file in Excel.
Data in NSF files can be used for the following types of analyses: