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  • Average Weight vs End-point Degree

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This algorithm only accepts networks with undirected edges. It cannot work with directed edges.

Wiki MarkupThis algorithm is mislabeled. It calculates the total edge degree _degree(edge\[s, t\])_ as a function of total node degree (_degree(node\[s\])_ \ * _degree(node\[t\])_), where:

  • Wiki Markup_degree(edge\[s, t\])_ = _degree(node\[s\])_ \ * _degree(node\[t\])_
  • Wiki Markup_degree(node\[s\])_ = total degree of _node\[s\]_ = number of edges _node\[s\]_ is connected to Wiki Markup_
  • degree(node\[t\])_ = total degree of _node\[t\]_ = number of edges _node\[t\]_ is connected to

Even though this algorithm calculates the total node degree internally, it does not annotate the output network with it. The output of this algorithm is the original network, but annotated with the calculated edge degree (edge) attribute, endpointdegree.