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  • 5.2.2 Mapping CTSA Centers (NIH RePORTER Data)

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The resulting file, which contains all NIH Clinical and Translational Science Awards and their corresponding details from 2005-2009, is saved in an Excel file in 'yoursci2directory/sampledata/scientometrics/nih/CTSA2005-2009' (if the file is not in the sample data directory it can be downloaded from 2.5 Sample Datasets). The file contains two spreadsheets, one with publications and one with grants. Save each spreadsheet out as grants.csv and publications.csv.
First load grants.csv in the Sci2 Sci2 Tool using 'File > Load' and 'Standard csv format' in the "Load" pop-up. To view a bimodal network visualizing which main PIs associate with which institution, run 'Data Preparation > Extract Bipartite Network ' with the following parameters: