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Node position files are actually just standard CSV files, so we recommend that you choose a .csv file extension when saving node positions. If you examine a saved node position file in Excel (or any other software capable of reading .csv _ files), you will see that there are three columns: originallabel, x, and y. originallabel corresponds to the _originallabel attribute on nodes, and this is how it matches which node to give the specified x and y coordinates to when restoring node positions.

Wiki MarkupYou might also notice the first two entries in this node position file: _\[cameraScale\]_ and _\[cameraTranslate\]. As mentioned in the below tutorial, one common use of this Node Locking feature is for laying out time sliced networks (or extracted networks from time sliced data). The \ _\[cameraScale\]_ and \ _\[cameraTranslate\] are useful for this because they also specify the camera position and zoom level used in a layout.


One might wish to use GUESS to visualize networks of a time sliced nature. Here is a workflow for how to do this in Sci2: