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The Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell) is an open source, community-driven platform for the integration and utilization of datasets, algorithms, tools, and computing resources. Algorithm integration support is built in for Java and most other programming languages. Being Java based, it will run on almost all platforms. The software and specification is released under an Apache 2.0 License.

This guide attempts to aid algorithm developers in creating algorithms for CIShell (and applications built on CIShell).

This guide tries to contain all the information a new developer needs, but where necessary, it may cite the CIShell 1.0 Specification (API) or the OSGi Service Platform Specification, Release 4 (API). While the guide tries to make beginning algorithm development easier, the CIShell Specification has the last word on how the CIShell Platform works.

Table of Contents

  1. CIShell Basics
  2. Getting Started
    1. Tutorial 0: Setting Up the Development Environment
    2. Tutorial 1: Creating a Hello World Java Algorithm
    3. Tutorial 2: Practical Java Algorithm Development
    4. Tutorial 3: Integrating a Non-Java Program As An Algorithm
    5. Mini-Tutorial: Integrating 3rd-party libraries
    6. Where to Learn More
  3. Reference
    1. How Algorithms Work: A guide to algorithm plugins in CIShell
    2. Accessing the OSGi Console in CIShell tools