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  • 5.2.5 Burst Detection in Physics and Complex Networks (ISI Data)

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Notice that the value for the gamma parameter is now set to 0.5. The parameter gamma controls the ease with which the automaton can change states. With a smaller gamma value, more bursts will be generated. Running the algorithm with these parameters will generate a new table named "Burst detection analysis (Publication Year, Title): maximum burst level 1.2" in the Data Manager.

As expected, a larger number of bursts appear, and the new bursts have a smaller weight that those depicted in the first graph. These smaller, more numerous bursting terms permit a more detailed view of the dataset and allow the identification of trends. The "protein" burst starting in 2003, for example, indicates the year in which Alessandro Vespignani started to work with "protein-protein interaction networks," while the burst "epidem" - also from 2001 - is related to the application of complex networks to the analysis of epidemic phenomena in biological networks.