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  • 5.1.4 Studying Four Major NetSci Researchers (ISI Data)

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The number of edges reduced from 872 to 731. The updated co-authorship network can be visualized using 'Visualization > Networks > GUESS\'

Inside GUESS, run 'Script > Run Script ...' and select ' yoursci2directory/scripts/GUESS/'. Also run 'Layout > GEM' and then 'Layout > Bin Pack' to give a better representation of node clustering. The pruned network looks like this:


If the network being processed is undirected, which is the case, then MST based -Pathfinder Network scaling algorithmScaling can be used to prune the networks. This will give results in 30 times faster than Fast Pathfinder Network Scaling. Also we have found that networks that have a low standard deviation for edge weights or if many of the edge weights are equal to the minimum edge weight, then the network might not be scaled as much as expected when using Fast Pathfinder Network Scaling. To see this behavior, run 'Preprocessing > Networks > MST-Pathfinder Network Scaling' with the network named 'Updated network' selected with the following parameters: Image Added
The number of edges reduced from 872 to 235 for the network pruned with the MST-Pathfinder Network Scaling algorithm, while the reduction for the Fast Pathfinder Network Scaling algorithm was from 872 to 731 only. Cited Reference Co-Occurrence (Bibliographic Coupling) Network