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This algorithm reads the list of citations in the Google scholar profile for a given author and returns the citation information in the form of a table series of tables for all the matched citation for the queried authorqueried Google Citation user ID. This algorithm takes in the author’s first name & last name Google Citation user ID as the input parameters parameter and if the author name ID matches with a Google scholar profile , It outputs a table with “Title”, “Author”, “Cited by” and “Year” which lists all the citations associated with the queried author.

Pros & Cons

This algorithm facilitates direct retrieval of citation information for a given author through Google scholar site but have the listed limitations.


for all the citations listed in the Google scholar profile for the given author..



This algorithm can be used to get the citation information associated with a researcher from the Google citation profile.

Implementation Details

The algorithm receives the "authors Name” Google Citation user ID as the input parameter and it is used to send the first query to the Google scholar site to retrieve the internal User Id assigned to the queried author by the Google scholars site. This ID is then used send the second query to the Google scholars site to get the citation information associated with that author. The returned html is parsed using a HTML parser to create a table with “Title”, “Author”, “Cited by” and “Year”.

The detail of the algorithm is shown as following,

  • CitationTableAlgorithm class defines the functions to prepare the out put file. It uses CitationTableExtractor class to get the citations for an author from the Google scholars site.
  • CitationTableExtractor class uses "Jsoup" a java library to parse HTML of the response from the Google Scholor site and extract the citations
  • CitationTableExtractor uses GoogleScholarReaderHelper class to get the number of authors for the given 'Author Name' and also to get the ID from the Google Scholars site.
  • MergeTable contains the functionality to create and populate the merge table.
  • Each function includes the coding to log the success,failure information on each step of the file download process.

algorithm returns a series of tables, one for each unique Google Citation user ID, that contains all the citation information that pertains to that particular author/Google Citation user.

Usage Hints

Listed are the steps for using the plug in

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Select 'File' from the menu bar.
  3. Select 'Load from Google Scholar' -> Author's publications(as Table)
  4. A window will pop up.Enter the author’s name in the text box.
  5. Press Ok to get a table of author’s citation information in the form “Title”, “Author”, “Cited By” and “Year”.
  6. The Google Citation User ID Search Algorithm must be run first, in order to obtain the Google Citation user ID
  7. Select "Citation User ID" as the input parameter and "|" as the delimiter
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